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If you hadn't noticed, that Vegas post was about 18 million times longer than most of my posts on here. Go back and look. I'll wait. See? I also took two and a half weeks to get it posted. I totally missed a day while writing of it, seriously forgot Thursday. Had to send out the email to the boys to fill me in there. Yikes.

Anyways, I'm rocking the suburbs... just like Quiet Riot did (well, not really, but I am listening to that right now). You can tell from the lack of activity around here I've been a bit busy. I'm going to try and dust off the keyboard and get down to business.

Reason One.The World Cup. I'm a bit disappointed in the Cup this year. I watched every game except two (missed the Angola-Portugal game because I feel asleep midway through the first half and I missed the USA-Italy game as I was busy watching my Tigers run all over the Cubbies at Wrigley). Did I think Italy was the best team in the tournament? No way. Germany impressed me most, especially offensively. Brazil was a let down. England finished about where theyshould've considering the only brought two real strikers with them - and one was coming of a broken ankle while the other twisted his knee. Truth be told, I was rooting for the French in that final game - which made for a great betting war between my ITALIAN girlfriend and I. Ha.

Reason Two. I've been traveling basically non-stop for about a month and a half now. Finally, it's looking like I don't have anywhere to go for a couple weeks. My schedule is settling down some, I'm sure it'll pick up though as my sister's wedding approaches.

Reason Three. Work got extremely busy around here. I was pushing myself in so many different directions being on my own that I really couldn't take the time out to sit down and write a comprehensive blog post. I had a lot of work coming and going out. It was tough to find time to myself. I learned my lesson. I'm not ready to be out on my own yet. It was pure madness.

Which leads to the next bit of news. I'm now the official "web guy" at the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. They offered me a job that I just couldn't resist. Expect more about that here (as well as a full site redesign at WOMMA) in the near future. Needless-to-say, I'm incredibly excited by what I've seen in the first couple weeks there and what we'll be able to accomplish. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Reason Four. There's not really a reason four but I wanted to let Eric know good luck out on the west coast. I'm going to drag Alexis out there sometime in the fall so you and Titus keep the place warm for us. Seriously, it gets cold here in the fall and we'll need a little warmth.

That does it for now. I have a few more blog posts that I still need to get to - they will be thought out though, not like these past two where it's just been typing what I'm thinking. So expect those soon. I'm off to catch a little sleep. "Goodnight inkernet.

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