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I'm not really an icon guy. Never have been. They're fun and all but I've never gotten into designing them. Lately there's been a small buzz going around the internet about Firewheel's redesign of their Icon Buffet site. Alright! A website redesign! I'm into those. Big time! So when I read Greg's post this morning about their Free Delivery program I swung by to a. check out the program and b. see this redesign.

I read up on this Free Delivery thing, sounds pretty fun (plus the icons on the site are looking pretty good) so I sign up. It took literally 30 seconds to do so and voila! a fresh set of icons sitting in my account! How great!

"That was so simple. I need to share it's simplicity with someone. But who?" Of course, the only designer I know personally who is OBSESSED with icons, Alisa. Jump on iChat. Tell her about how easy it was and how I have a free set of icons now and send her the Free Delivery link. 5 minutes later, she get back to me and has signed up as well. We share our sets. I now have two! I'm a Free Delivery nut! I need more!

Luickly Alisa has her friend sign up and then sends me their set! Now I have three... and I'm hooked. I'm the proud owner of the Oslo Finance, Oslo Atmosphere and Shanghai Tech sets - and looking for more. So I guess now I'm an icon guy.

Funny how that happens. My congrats to the Firewheel guys. You've figured out a wonderful way to get people engaged with your product.


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