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This weekend has been rough for me. Friday I felt like I was coming down with something. Saturday I KNEW I had something and spent most of the day hunched over the toilet (too graphic?). Today, I felt a lot better and decided to do laundry. This got me thinking, The Girl has NO CLUE how to properly iron a shirt/pants/socks. So, just for her, here's a little rundown of how to "properly" iron.

To properly iron linen, the iron must be very hot, the hottest setting you have, with lots of steam. About 20-30 minutes prior to ironing linen, mist with water and roll the item to let it rest, or, dry your linen in the dryer not letting it dry completely, still have it slightly damp. Note: I don't necessarily do this everytime. As I said before, properly iron.

  1. Iron the collar first
  2. Next iron the inside of the front shirt facing
  3. I then iron the shoulders and back yoke area (between the shoulders)
  4. I then iron the front, turning the shirt as I go toward the back and eventually ending up at the other front side
  5. The last to be ironed would be the sleeves, then touch up any area that may have gotten a wrinkle while turning the shirt
  6. Hang the garment up and make sure it is completely cool and completely dry before packing. Otherwise, just throw it on the hanger and you're done!

So there you have it. Or you could do the little trick my mother taught me a while back. Take a washcloth, run it under some water so it's damp and dripping, then throw the shirt in the dryer for 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, just take it out and it looks all pressed and ready to go.


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