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As you may - or may not - have noticed, things around here have been a little slow lately... and as you may - or may not - have noticed my "Work" section to the site has been coming soon since I launched my redesign. I had this grand scheme to launch this site and, within a couple weeks, learn Ruby on Rails and launch my Work section. Well, as you can tell, that hasn't happened.

Over the past couple weeks I finally had a break to sit down and learn. So I... well... sat down and learned. It took me an hour (no joking) to get my first ROR mini-application up and running. It's an amazing how quickly a newbie like me can install and create a framework basically blindly.

From what I understand, Rails takes all the tedious things you should be doing and wraps it in an elegant framework... with a nice little bow on top. Even still, after poking around and picking my jaw off my desk after seeing how easy it was to install, I feel lost when editing. I have no background with Ruby or Object Oriented Programing and have a book on the way for my real introduction to the wonderful world of OOP.

In the meantime, John has hooked me up the definitive book in the world of Ruby on Rails. I'm learning, slowly. If it kills me I will pick this up.

So yeah, work coming soon...


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