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The year's slowly dragging it's feet across the finish line and, as such, bloggers are wrapping it up with a bow. Top lists are the order of business. I'll follow suit but with a bit of a twist. Here's a few arbitrary catagories followed by some nominees and the winner from 2006.

Best Album

Nominees: The Killers - Hot Fuss, Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene, Embrace - Out of Nothing, Imogen Heap - Speak for Yourself

Winner: Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene

Ask The Girl on this, I really didn't like them for a long while. I had a few of their songs but never could get into them. Then Alisa buys me a ticket to their show and I'm immediately blown away. These guys and gals can rock. This cd is BY FAR their best, in my opinion. Just so much fun to listen to all the way through... the way cds are meant to be listened to. As one 48-minute long opus. Trust me on this one. It's great.

Best Vacation

Nominees: Las Vegas - Family Trip, Las Vegas - Friends Trip, NYC - Super Bowl, Ann Arbor - Michigan/Ohio State Weekend

Winner:Tie Las Vegas - Both Trips

It's tough to decide between these two. The first was the family trip. Room was paid for, food was paid for, flight was paid for. I mean, it was probably the best Vegas trip you could imagine. It was the first with The Girl. I got to see my sister, her fiance and dad. Beautiful rooms. It was great. Yet, 2 weeks later I went with my closest friends in the world. Both college and high school. I saw Titus for the first time in a couple years. Kangas for the first time in a year. It was drunken debauchery where I lost nearly 30 times as much money as the family trip. Plus random cameo from a DC friend. (This catagory looks to be the most promising next year as there are already two trips planned in January, one to Chicago and one to NYC, and the two annual Vegas trips. Other possible VERY possible destinations include: San Fransisco, Seattle/Vancouver and London.)

Best Podcast

Nominees: Adam Curry's Daily Source Code, CBC Radio 3, Lynn Parsons, Sportweek

Winner: Sportsweek

I am always excited when I see the little blue ball in my iTunes telling me that I have a new episode waiting for me from each of these shows. I listen to each religiously. All four are so very different in their approach. But Sportsweek is the one show I really get excited about. It's the only one I listen to in the car. The only one I wait for. Gary Richardson does a wonderful job interviewing. This might be one of the best, most well informed sports radio shows on the air in the world. And luckily, I get to enjoy it because of podcasting. Thank you BBC!

Best Internet Application

Nominees: Flickr, BaseCamp, Blinksale, Bloglines

Winner: Flickr

No doubt. It's by far the most fun. Plus, it's turned in a verb. "I'll Flickr that." Just my fav... and I've turned my little sister onto it too. Sign up. Thank me later. No more needs to be said.

Best Book I Read

Nominees: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, Killing Yourself to Live by Chuck Klosterman, Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk

Winner: Freakonomics

I read a fair amount this year. Maybe more than I ever had. This is a tough one. I'm always a fan of Palahniuk. Klosterman just seemed to be on a book long rant. With Blink, I think my hopes were too high after The Tipping Point and, although very good, it didn't delvier up to those hopes. I think the book which made me think the most was Freakonomics. That's what I enjoy. Winner.

So ends my 2006. I know I'm forgetting A LOT from the beginning of the year. That's what this blog is for. Next year for me to look back and remember all those times so maybe, just maybe, this will be a more interesting post. Until then... Happy Holidays! I'm off to pack...

I was big on Odeo when it first came out. It was the first comprehensive (well, as comprehensive as it can be) catalog of podcasts that I have seen. Then iTunes implemented podcasting and I said buh-bye to Odeo. Well, I might be going back. On Friday, I saw they had finally gone live with the one thing that made it stand apart from the other websites and podcast applications - a call in service and web program to create your own podcast!

Odeo's Make Your Own Podcast interface

The interface is simple. The program will automatically detect your mic. Three large buttons - press record and go! When you're finished, click save recording to publish the show to your own personal RSS feed, click yes and it's done. That simple.

But that's not the real genius to this. Let's say you're out with your friends and think, "Man, I really want to do a soundseeing tour right now." What about then? Your computer isn't always with you. Well, Odeo has that covered as well. You get a phone number to call, enter your information and "BEEEP!" you record directly to your feed. I tried this out. Works wonderfully!

This is something I haven't seen out of the podcasting community and could really change the way we send information. Maybe instead of voicemails we now subscribe to our friends RSS feeds and get updates automatically? No longer are the 40 minute shows the norm. Maybe 2 minutes quick casts are the way we tell our friends we're on a plane and will call them back? I'm not quite sure. It's something I'm extremely intrested to see how it plays out.

Last weekend, I was sitting around working on the new and catching up on some podcasts. One being Accident Hash #77. Now when I say, catch up it means tune in and out depending on the work load. So I was tuned out for most of the show. After a song had ended I went back and rethought "Wait, I kinda liked that." I quickly opened my iTunes and backtracked about three and a half minutes. This song was worth a relisten. This time I focused on the song, heard it, comprehended it and loved it immeadiately!

A couple days later, Mr. Curry played the same song, having heard it on the same Accident Hash podcast. He agreed. It was brilliant! The song: What to Do with Michael (iTunes link) by the Candy Butchers. Today, I'm a proud backer of the band with the purchase of their cd. It's the first time I've ever purchased a cd because of a podcast... and probably won't be the last.

This is a typical way I find new artists now-a-days. I tune out and when I hear a good song it'll immeadiately grab my face and shout. It's happened with a few bands and only on a select podcasts. CBC's Radio 3 being the main culprit. Lake Holiday, Hilotrons, and The High Dials are just a couple to grab me. Grant Lawerence does an amazing job hosting. Almost too good. For instance, during the CBC strike about a month back, I nearly made a post saying siding with the brodcasters to bring them back... and for the selfish reason that I missed Grant hosting the show. I had no idea what the strike was about. I missed Grant. I can't stress it enough... CBC Radio 3 is THE podcast for new music. But again, this is the kid that saw Broken Social Scene, Metric, Feist - and almost Stars as well - within a week span. I'm a bit baised when it comes to the Canadian music scene right now.

It's been a little busy around here lately, with many little thoughts - none requiring a post on their own - floating around. So I decided to lump them all together.

  1. Saturday morning we started a new routine. Adit, Alisa and I went on a nice little canoe trip out on the Potomac. "Addam was out on the Potomac?!" you ask, surprised. Ummm... yeah. It was just as dirty and nasty as I had expected. Still smelled just as gross as everyday when I leave work. Yet, I had fun. In fact, I think we're going out again this weekend.
  2. The other day, I bought the Ben Folds iTunes Originals CD, which, in and of itself, isn't so amazing. What is amazing, to me however, is the fact that the whole reason I bought it was the iTunes New Music Tuesday podcast. I was listening to the podcast, heard he had a iTunes Original CD out there, clicked the album art, clicked purchase and it was downloading... my checkbook $12 lighter. It took me a grand total of two - count 'em TWO - clicks and I had the CD after hearing the ad that is iTunes New Music Tuesday. That's user interaction at it's finest.
  3. Last night, Juliana and I were privy to an advance screening of the new Jodi Foster movie, Flightplan. To be honest, I'd seen maybe one or two previews for it. It looked good but not something I would've seen on my own volition. But she had a free extra ticket and who am I to turn down a free anything? So ANYWAYS, I was pleasantly surprised. The plot of the movie was very interesting. It is a tense thiller as the press so often likes to say now, but the ending was a bit lackluster. I'd hate to give it away so I won't go into further detail. Here's how I judge a movie: After seeing it, would I pay the $10, knowing what I know now, to see it? My answer to this movie is for sure.
  4. Saturday I was driving back from dinner when my phone rang. It was Eric. It went a little something like this:
    Me: Yo dude...
    Eric: Hey. What's up?
    Me: Not too much. Coming home from dinner. How are you doing?
    Eric: Ahhh, pretty good. So I've got some news. It not really too imporant.
    Me: Yeah? What's up?
    Eric: Well, I'm getting married.
    Me: Ummmm... whaaaaaa?
    Eric: Yeah, I asked Heather last night.
    Me: Ummmmm.... whaaaa?
    Eric: What are you not understanding idiot?
    Me: Wow. Well congrats dude! That's pretty effin sweet.
    And so it is. Many congratualtions and celebrations to Eric and Heather. It's only been like 6 and a half years. It's about effin time actually. Geez... So this means "Vegas Bachelor Party 2" will need to be planned. Let's hope this doesn't turn into another "Vegas No Bachelor Bachelor Party" like last year.
  5. I think I've decided what my biggest pet peeve is about living here in DC. I visit Virgina fairly often. This means I'm crossing the Key Bridge a fair amount. Back and forth. So here's what I hate. When I'm coming back into the District and the car in front of me - always in the left hand lane, always going at a blazing speed of 10MPH crossing the bridge - decides at the last minute to cut over and make a RIGHT 5 feet before the bridge ends, causing me to get stuck at the "longest light ever" and setting me back 5 minutes because this idiot has no idea where they are going. It happens EVERYTIME. I'm not kidding. Tourists or cars with out of state plates get a free pass, but you people with District and VIrgina plates, you've GOT to know the bridge dead ends right? Just no excuse.

And on that note, I'm done. Hope everyone has a nice night, whatever night you're reading this.

As I dropped Adit off tonight, I was driving home listening to the DSC - Daily Source Code for those not familiar - and it hit me how tonight happened all because of podcasting.

After work today Juliana, Adit and I went to see The Aristocrats, which I heard about on the Studio 360 podcast when they interview Penn a couple weeks ago. I immediately opened up Safari and watched the trailer. Literally minutes later I heard the exact same trailer coming from behind the screen. It was Juliana watching it. We decided right then that both of us wanted to see it.

And as so, went tonight. And we laughed. And laughed. It was funny, as long as you don’t mind being offended and toilet humor. I will say Bob Saget’s retelling of the joke torn the house down for me. He was just hilarious. Would I pay again to see it? Probably not. But I would for sure rent it to watch with someone that hasn’t seen it.

Anyways, as I was driving home, listening to the DSC, then mashups, it hit me. I’m a podcast follower and supporter BIG TIME. I do have numerous songs that were brought to my attention through podcasts. I think it’s a pretty amazing thing that, in about a year’s time, this new technology has affected my life as much as it has. Congrats and thanks Adam Curry!

It's been awhile since the last post. I've been busy with work, traveling, and pretty much everything else. A few things happened this week that I believe require mentioning and voicing my opinion.

1. The Beta Release of IE7 which seems to solve a couple problems of IE 6- yet still basically sucks for CSS support. BUT it does look like IE7 now supports PNG's! Way to go Microsoft! (Am I the only one that feels like buying Microsoft a bus pass so they can catch up with the rest of the Internet world? Would everyone else chip in to buy one?) And it also has tabs... along with a funny little box that basically looks a lot clunky. Does Microsoft employ usability experts? Interface designers? Ugh...

2. This week marked the return of Laguna Beach on MTV. There's nothing like watching spoiled, immature high schoolers run around and create drama for themselves. When I'm watching the show, I start questioning myself. "Am I too old for this?" But I reason it out as no, I just like trash tv. Which is so true based on my obsession with the O.C. on Fox.

3. My new internet crack is Adam Curry's Daily Source Code. Ugh... this IS an addiction. I've actually gone back and downloaded earlier version of podcasts just to listen to. I'm obsessed. He puts on a good show.

4. Adit, Mike, and Corrine's (and some 4th guy who it conveniently "out of town" whenever I go out there) housewarming party was last night down in Old Town. I was surprised at the turnout. By which I really mean how much Yuengling was consumed. 1 keg, 6 cases and then some (plus shots and 2 other cases of Miller Lite). Granted there was probably 100-150 people who showed. A great night that was highlighted by the great box spring debate being finally settled, a beer pong peanut gallery of about 50 people, the tag team since The Road Warriors and 2am drunken bbqing.

5. Thursday was the "Clash of the Champions" at FedEx Field. Chelsea beat my beloved United 2-1 in a tough game (well, tough first half at least). I would've been there BUT Adit had to run off to Boston... loser. Plus it was overcast and crappy out. So I staying in the confines of 4455 and enjoyed the game at home.

6. Personalized Google Homepage, or iGoogle as I like to refer to it as, is out with RSS feeds now. A competitor to MyYahoo. Will it work? I'm not sure. Google's frontpage is simple and easy to use. People go to Google to search. That's it. Not to get news — even though Google News, has been up and running a while now — blog subscriptions, weather, stock quotes, etc. Granted it's nice to have and I have set up my iGoogle the night it was released. But it seems cluttered to me now. Too busy. Will I continue to use it instead of MyYahoo? I'm not sure. Time will tell but I'm guessing no.

So that's my week in review. Two weeks removed from Vegas, two weeks until Vegas. The halfway point. Oh by the way, the hotel situation is figured out, we are staying at the Monte Carlo which provides us with numerous advantages over the Rio, most of which I will outline in either a pre-Vegas entry or my post-Vegas wrap-up.

It's here. Ever since watching Steve Jobs annouce this at WWDC, I've been patiently waiting the... ohhh, two weeks or so until I could get podcasts! In iTunes!

So let's see, thus far I have 11 subscriptions set up... or 5.5 hours of podcasting to catch up on. My favorite, Acts of Volition. It's not a new podcast but it is wonderful. I highly suggest it. Steven Garrity does it right!


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