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As those who are close to me know, and those who check this blog periodically have noticed, I'm pretty much stopped writing for the past couple months. Please bear with me on this one. There are numerous reasons as to why:

  1. I've moved halfway across the country to a city I should've probably been in all along. Chicago. Yes, back to the Midwest; back to what I hated for SO many years of my life, back to the ever-changing weather, back to the flat lands, the flyover states. I know all this and it was a very tough decision to make. I've realized, I'm from the Midwest. I tried out the east coast - as much as you can say DC is the east coast - and... well... it just wasn't for me. Don't get me wrong. I loved living in DC. I met some incredibly talented people which made my decision to leave much harder than I expected. But, in my heart, I knew it was the right move.

    For the time being, I'm working with the wonderful people at Elevate Studios, who have even given me a warm, cuddly fleece to survive this weather. They do some great work for some even better clients from what I've gathered. Plus, I now join the mass-transit-taking-to-work public! That's right. No more driving 1.4 miles to work (yes, I honestly DROVE that everyday). I'm in Wrigleyville now, about 4 blocks from Wrigley (baseball, w00t!) and 2 blocks from the beach (summer, w00t!). I have a nice little back patio that'll be AWESOME in the warm weather for BBQs (Note: I'm not giving out my ACTUAL address because, chances are, if you're going to be coming over for a BBQ this summer you already have it. If you don't have my address and want to come over for a BBQ email me and I've sure we can be friends. I love to BBQ!).
  2. Onto my second point, this blog. Ugh... I launched it about a half year ago with no ado. Since, I've found it tough to feel my way through this "blogosphere." I've been rehashing other stories, blogging about nothing of ANY importance (is it any coincidence the most popular page on this site is How to Iron a Dress Shirt ?) and just basically polluting the internet because I can. No real helpful information. I was a part of this over-saturation of content. I wasn't helping anyone with this site. I wasn't making thought provoking insights, wasn't making cutting reviews, wasn't retelling great stories of my life. It's been bugging me for six months until I could finally figure out my solution: My life goes here, design articles go there, no critiques of ANYTHING unless they are thoroughly thought out and edited. Extremely simple right? Well it took me half a year to figure it out.
  3. Due to her complaining, my Alexis will no longer be refered to as "The Girl." Just go with me on this and know when I say Alexis I mean "My Girl(friend)"...
  4. I'll be Flickring pics of the new apartment as soon as Ikea decides to send me my new furniture. So stay tuned...


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