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There's a few random things hanging around I've been meaning to post but just haven't had time. It's been a bit hectic but (never fear!) I'm here.

  1. The new Firefox was realeased a couple weeks ago and, although, only a point release, it was pumped up by some publicty. Key improvements include automatic updates (which means users no longer need to download a complete new version of the browser to upgrade... thank god!), faster navigation, drag and drop reordering for browser tabs (previously only done using a third-party plug-in), improvements to pop-up blocking and better support for Mac OS X. There's also a number of bug fixes and security enhancements as explained in greater detail here. But it still doesn't pass the Acid2 test.
  2. I've forgotten how easy Uncle Ben's Bowls are for dinner. I was big on them the summer after my senior year in college and never went back. A few weeks ago I was walking through my local Safeway and decided to pick up a couple bowls. Delicious! And it only takes 7 minutes for the whole process.
  3. Dear Flash designers, PLEASE STOP HIJACKING MY BROWER! I'm at your site already. There is no need to take over all 23" of my monitor to show off your 300x500 site. I'm looking already. Please... just stop. It will make my life so much easier.
  4. John set up a nice little plog for us designers. Check it out. We'll get better at posting as time goes on.
  5. Looks like Yahoo has aquired another social networking service in Very interesting. Yahoo now has Flickr, Upcoming and which points to where the company is thinking the future is headed. Tags. Hopefully somehow all of this will be intergrated with their MyWeb service. Is Yahoo becoming cool again?
  6. There's been a leak of a 3 CD Sufjan Stevens Christam album. I've been listening to it nearly nonstop lately. It's a complete joy to listen to. A twist on old songs but not enough to sound completely unique.

Last night, I was going though my Bloglines, when Search Engine Watch alerted me to Yahoo's new My Web 2.0. Intrigued, I clicked and whoa... the wonders that awaited me.

To my knowledge, this is the first community based web search, a social search engine, and it's pretty damn cool. It lets you tag and share your searches. It also encourages you invite and introduce friends. The more you invite, the better your search results.

By automatically setting my degrees of seperation at two, Yahoo has basically given me a broad enough range of interests (from my contacts) to find useful information while still filtering out all the spam and junk that usual personal searches yield.

It's fairly similar to in it's bookmarking and tagging, although I believe there one major difference of note. My Web seems to be more about catagorizing and saving searches. delicious seems to be very transient, as links move in and out, being forgotten easily. My Web seems to file searches away in storage. It creates a stockpile of saved pages from my community. It's more permanent this way, as when I search, my communities saved pages show first.


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