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I ran out of garbage bags last week. Ugh. I watched as my garbage can overflowed. I can never actually empty the trash when it's full. I must wait until it's 8-10" over the top of the can, which requires me to fill the next bag half way before even opening it! Anyways, I made a quick trip to Target, without reading the boxes because, let's face it, who knows anything about trash bags anyways, picked up some new ones.

Nothing spectacular right? Why blog this? Well, I didn't open them until tonight (yes, tonight). Imagine my surprise when, upon tearing into the box, I was greeted with a rush of floral delight. My nose senses perked and I wondered, "Did I get a Glad plug-in without knowing it?!" I did a double take and read the box a bit closer: "Odor Shield: Fresh Clean Scent." Whaaaa? They do this now? Scented garbage bags? How wonderful! It's a little thing but it made my night.

Hummm... maybe this is one of my signs I'm becoming a grownup.

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#1 The Girl

These scented garbage bags have actually been around for awhile. Back in high school, the golden retriever we had since my birth, became very ill. Not to get too graphic here, but she no longer expunged in the normal fashion, and instead was throwing up bile constantly. My mom bought scented garbage bags for the clean up, and bc there was so much of it, the scent of those bags became a permanent fixture in my sensory memories. To this very day, the scent of those bags plagues me with the memory of Mandy's death. I had to have them taken out of the house. I hope yours are a different scent...

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