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Happy Birthday America! Today was the day that everyone breaks out their red, white and blue, throws on their false sense of "national pride" and all get along together to watch fireworks. Or it's just everyone is wasted and no one wants to be the "downer" guy at the party that starts talking politics. Either way... you're 229 years young today America but you don't look a decade above 200.

I spent this thrilling day in Michigan, as part of a weekend long romp through metro-Detroit for my little sister's graduation party. The weekend started off well enough with a 45 MINUTE WAIT on the tarmac at DTW. I'm not sure how they spent $1.2 BILLION on a terminal with 80 GATES yet here I am, on my little flight at 1030 on a Friday, sitting on the tarmac for the better part of an hour, waiting for one said 80 gates to open. Makes perfect sense to me.

Saturday was party day. Errands, basketball, bocci ball, croquet, small talk, small talk, small talk, small talk, clean up. And that's how it goes. Highlight: seeing Mr Messmore who looks amazingly good. If there's one teacher that has helped mold me into something I want, it's him. Great man.

Sunday was full of BBQ's. First, Eric's family get-together, that got crashed by The Girl and I, and second was meeting The Girl's friends Julie and JM3. Who I've heard plenty about and, all of which, seems to be quite true. They are some very cool cats and I'm glad that while I'm away from The Girl she's in very worthy hands.

Today was a whirlwind. Ummm... not so much. It was a family BBQ, that involved me cooking the ribs as Dad's BBQ skills are a bit shaky (ie Labor Day 1999... a story that I will sit down and share with everyone soon). I thought we'd be a bit rushed getting back to the airport, but as it turned out, I made it to my gate with well over a half hour left, ended up sitting on the runway at DTW for ANOTHER half hour (although this time, our flight attendant decided to share a little merlot with everyone... something that every flight should entail), got to DCA and spent an hour and half getting to my car. Phew... what a weekend. Very busy. Very fun. And I'm done traveling... for at least two weeks... till Vegas!

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