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So I did something stupid this morning.

As I'm walking out of my apartment I usually do a normal rundown "Keys, wallet, ipod, phone. Check!" Everytime before I close the door to my apartment I say that to myself and MAKE SURE I touch all four items so I know if I missed anything.

This morning, however, I had an added obsacle. I'm headed to Michigan this evening for a wedding tomorrow. So the rundown should've been "Keys, wallet, ipod, phone, luggage. Check!" right? Not all too complicated.

So how did the rundown go? "I think I'm going to leave my computer on so when I get back home on Sunday I will finally have the 22-20's cd on my compter. SLAM!" Afterwards, I did the proper rundown, "Keys... SHIT!" Just like that, I realized my keys were still sitting in my apartment while I was still sitting outside my apartment, a locked door between me and them.

I kindly ask my neighbor who our building "helper" is with the skelton key, head down to his apartment, Matt in T9, knock. Nothing. Knock harder. Nothing. Knoch harder and longer. Nothing. He's obviously not there. So I call my landlord. It goes something like this:

Me: "Hey Tim, it's Addam Wassel."
Tim: "Oh, hi Addam."
Me: "How are you doing?"
Tim: "I'm in France. Why are you calling me?"
Me: "Ohhh. Well I locked my keys in my apartment but YOU'RE IN FRANCE and Matt isn't there. I'm screwed."
Tim: "Yep, pretty much."
Me: "Ok, thanks. Have fun in France."

Well, it went something like that. So I call Alexis, luckily I gave her a spare set of keys to my place... you know, in case I'm headed to Michigan the exact day I locked myself out of my apartment. She suggests giving her set to me and just walking to work. And so I did. And here I am.

As I sit here, key deprived at the moment, let me suggest to you one thing: Put a spare set of keys in your office desk drawer. That way, this cannot happen to you. I'm going to go cry...

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#1 the girl

Unfortunately this isn't an unusal instance for you lovey. If I'm not mistaken, wasn't it a mere month ago that you locked your keys in your CAR while unloading groceries? There was the time you lost your wallet... The time you lost your cars keys completely in aa and we searched up and down streets and in shrubs for them, knocked on strangers doors at 8am, only to find you had them all along... le sigh. THIS is why I have the extra set.

#2 Addam

I'm a bit late on this but I was just rereading it and I need to correct Alexis here. Love, I did NOT have my keys all along that one time in Ann Arbor. They had fallen out of my pocket at a party when I grabbed my phone to call Scotty because it was his birthday. Beth, luckily, knew the kid who's apartment we were at and got them for me. They were only temporarly lost. I knew they were at the apartment after we searched the grass and such.

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