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Well, it's been a year and half since I moved from metro-Detroit. A year and half that has witnessed: the Pistons win a championship, the Tiger's sudden comeback to respectability, Lions drafting every top name college receiver. They’ve host two NBA Championships, a Ryder Cup, and now the All-Star Game. I feel like a walking Ewing Theory. Yet, here I am in DC, where they finally got their their baseball team and lo and behold, they’re in first place now. So maybe I’m not all bad luck.

Anyways, I got home last night and decided that I’d keep a running diary of the home run derby... in MY home park.

8:00 Chris Berman takes the screen doing his best Hulk Hogan impression, yelling to all four corners of the ballpark to “get up and get ready.” I fully expected him to leg drop a flag dude then scream “Whatcha gonna do?”

8:02 Why is it that now at every sports spectacle they feel the need to let an unknown rock band play some crappy song pregame... then ANOTHER on at halftime? John Lennon at Super Bowl halftime is fine. But Alter Bridge? Who? Do they really deserve this kind of recognition?

8:03 Time to make dinner. I’ll see if I finish before this song.

8:04 Johnny Damon and Mike Piazza take the stage. Was there a more awkward moment on the night? Piazza was looked like one of the parents at a wedding that think, be it because of the alcohol or the fact they don’t have to pay for their kid anymore, it’s ok to be out on the dance floor when Nelly comes on. Everyone knows it’s weird but they do it anyways. That was him. Then Damon decides nows the time to clear that hairball from his throat. Or at least I think that was the noise he was making.

8:06 It's over. Thanks god. Longest 4 minutes ever.

8:07 New format shown. World v... well, the world. Jason Bay is for Canada, eh? Ouch... Was Wayne Gretzky busy?

8:09 Pudge is out there! Pudge. Everyone get up! Ohhh man.. lackluster applaud at best. Where is the crowd? Did they not realize this started at 8?

8:10 So what is up with Andruw Jones hitting for the Netherlands? The Netherlands? When was the last time he was in the Netherlands? I'll tell you when... NEVER! That’d be like Tim Duncan playing for the USA in basketb... umm, I digress.

8:11 Oh wow... Tom Kunz missed the bus on the hand-eye coordination.

8:12 My money's on Ortiz. Although Carlos Lee is looking better and better to me.

8:15 We're back from a thrilling commercial break. Seriously, where ARE the fans?

8:17 The ivy's looking good out there finally.

8:17 Morgan picks Textiera or Ortiz. Berman picks Ortiz. I predict them both to be wrong.

8:18 Gold ball? Looks like a WNBA ball. Whoa... going to charity. I’m going to pack my things since I’m headed to hell...

8:19 Morgan's outside choice is Lee. Berman's Pudge. Joe Morgan has stolen my picks. Can I get a mic on this? I should be out there.

8:20 Abreu starts it off. Water boiling over in the kitchen. He takes the first two and hits one out. Humm... pretty good start.

8:21 Nice to see the walls plastered with ads like old Fenway. I always wondered what it would’ve looked like to watch a game in the 40’s and 50’s with those ads everywhere. Now I know. It’s FREAKING ANNOYING. Nice snag by the fan in right center.

8:23 Phew... Abreu's hitting the lights out. Wow... He's getting tired.

8:25 Watch out. This is quite impressive! PEPSI PORCH!!!! HE PEPSI PORCHED IT!!!! I've never seen a ball hit that far! Can he just start bunting for the sake of everyone involved? Get out of this round now? Is that legal for a home run derby?

8:27 Wow... Hooo... It's a good thing when I start making noises like that...


8:30 New record! impressive...

8:31 Another one... Damn... It's carrying tonight to right. He puts it up and the wind takes it out. Best tag team since the New Age Outlaws.


8:36 I don't know if (23) this is smart or dumb but I do know I’m getting tired of watching him.

8:37 First golden ball ever. And it's over... wow. 17 minute AB.

8:42 In honor of Jason Bay all "abouts" will be "aboots," "color" will be "coulors," etc. He's toast... If he get even one right now, I’ll be impressed.

8:45 Verge of a 24 to 0 homerun drop... It's final. Bring on the Gatorade guy. You have to feel bad for Jason Bay. Although I don’t think he got one to the warning track.

8:53 Carlos Lee. First pitch? Got it... There you go Los.

8:54 They have ranches in Panama? He hit the flag pole? That's a shot and a half. Still waiting on the scoreboard shot. It’s only been 3 years that I’ve been hoping for this. Although, it’s about a 600 foot shot.

8:57 Wonder what the pitchers in this feel like after being taken deep 100 times in one night. And how about the catcher... those old knees don't hold up like they used to.

8:58 Los almost took off a fan's head with that homerun. Would that a good reason to call into work in the morning? “Yeah, boss? I got knocked unconscious last night from a Carlos Lee homerun. I can’t make it in today.”

9:00 Can you be robbed in a homerun derby? What if one of these 12 year old snags one?

9:01 11 by C-Lee. Would’ve be a quite impressive number if Abreu hadn't put up 24 FREAKING HOMERUNS!

9:02 Hee-Seop next. Reggie Jackson in the studio.

9:05 Goodness. Hee-Seop's not looking so hot but these announcers wouldn’t know. They’re too busy with their inside jokes and nonsensical drivel. Hey guys, there's a home run derby going on.

9:07 Hee-Seop "Abreu"ed it. put it high and let the wind take it.

9:14 Halfway done?! Yikes... I'm getting old and tired.

9:16 Pudge taking. There’s one! Alright!

9:17 2, 3, 4 alright Pudgy!

9:18 Where do the catchers toss the ball? There’s got to be some huge stash out there to the right.

9:21Pudge out with 7. Respectable to say the least. I think he’s going to round two.

9:23 Teixeira next up for the US. When did this become the Olympics?

9:25 Dale Sveum up! Can he ruin Teixeira AB now?!

9:27 What is Manny doing with his hair nowadays? Going for that Whoopi Goldberg look? North America put up a big number today, 2.

9:30 Why is Michelle Wie taking on all these men’s tournaments? Shouldn’t she dominate the women first?

9:36 Ortiz up. Tejada claiming the first base line for the Dominican Republic by planting the flag in the ground and yelling.
9:37 Big Papi taking, taking, taking, taking, taking... this is like 7 in a row. There should be an ump back there calling strikes. I like this idea. Look into it.

9:45 Ortiz is killing that ball. I still like him over Abreu.

9:46 He Pepsi Porched it. *Yawn* Old habit now. Hit the freakin’ scoreboard and I’m impressed...

9:48 Is it me... or when their playing careers are over can you see Manny, Ortiz and Tejada running around with their own reality show?

9:49 Ortiz done. 17 along with some mass huddle jump celebration.

9:52 Good God. Johnny Damon again? Are there like 6 of him? He’s been everywhere.

9:54 Jones is up. I missed the country facts about Curasao...

9:56 OHHH! That was only about 40 feet from the scoreboard. Come on Jonesy...

9:58 Hit the scoreboard on one bounce...

10:00 How have I missed the obvious jokes about Pudge’s kid being so into this? He looks like he’s going to clothesline each guy that get more than Pudge.

10:08 Round Two. Finally. Abreu up again. Let’s see how he responds. I say a solid 9 as a follow up...

10:10 A quick 2 right out of the gate for Abreu... the 9 is not looking so hot. Is there anything better than watching the little kids out there trying to field the balls in the outfield? Jumping up trying to rob them? Dropping flys? Booting grounders? Just classic.

10:14 Abreu at 3 with the gold ball out. drops one for number 4.

10:20 C-Lee up. Freaking bomb...

10:23 This second round is a bit slower as I think 10 homers total have been hit between Abreu and C-Lee. He’s tired... you can tell.

10:32 Pudge on the board. He’s got 2.

10:35 Pudge at 4 with 6 outs. Needs one more to get into the 2 spot. That’s 5! He’s in the 2 spot. One more Pudge. THERE IT IS!! He’s hit that onto the walkway! One more and he’s finals bound.

10:37 He’s in!!! First Tiger in I don’t know how long... ummm, never sounds about right?

10:41 Hey, congrats dude that just won the Mastercard car. Doesn’t Andruw Jones get anything for hitting it there?

10.44 Ortiz out there... can he get through? And if he does, that means two guys that brought their bp coaches are in. Wonder if that means something...

10:49 Ortiz not looking so hot right now (just as he hits number 3)... could it be my two picks are out before the finals?!

10:51 And that’s it. Pudge v Abreu in the finals... you know where my heart is here.

10:56 Going on 3 hours now. Pudge looks to be psyching out Abreu. A classic staredown.

11:00 Abreu brought his bp pitch too. Hummm... thinking there’s something to be said there.

11:02 Abreu with 3 now. He’s heating up. 4 now.

11:04 He’s balls are skied up there and just carry. Unreal.

11:08 11 in the finals. Just incredible. What a show. 41 homeruns.

11:15 You never hear Detroit described as “from beautiful downtown detroit.” I wonder why that is...

11:16 Alright let’s do it up Pudge... that’s one swing, one homerun! 2 for 2!!

11:17 2-3. 2-4. 2-5.

11:19 2-6. 2-7.2-8.

11:20 3-9. 3-10.

11:21 3-11. 4-11. 4-12.

11:22 5-12.

11:23 5-13. Pudge finishes second. Makes sense. Abreu hit 41 tonight. And I’m going to bed. Goodnight...

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